Christine Minogue

Christine Minogue is Australia’s foremost Mothercraft Nurse with 30 years experience in providing care and support for parents of newborns infants and toddlers. She has a substantial private practice, The Nurtured Way; she has a special interest in the early years of life, particularly multiple birth families. Through many years of working with families she recognises that every family is different, and adjusts her advise to suit each family’s need.
Mothercraft nurse Christine Minogue’s philosophy of time, space and getting to know your baby has empowered thousands of families to trust there parenting instincts. Her book Bringing Home Baby released in 2016.
Christine is a confident and reassuring voice in the world of parenting as an author, commentator on TV and an accomplished public speaker and a regular expert contributor to Kinderling Conversation on national radio station Kinderling Kids radio, as well as an expert on the Kindred App and 19 years as an parent educator at North Shore Private Hospital .